someone’s here.

i never remembered much about him after he died. the memories began to fade, as well as my well-being. i went back in time, to hopefully stop the death of him and my aunt. and it drove me more insane than i already am. i couldn’t even look at him without sweating, or without my eyes tearing up.

During Maria’s time away, Scanlan discovers something new about himself. Something he never noticed before, until he was trapped with his own thoughts. He’s a Medium. He can connect with people who have passed on to the other side.

Before Maria left, his best friend Jeane, disappeared. He looked everywhere for her, by himself. He didn’t tell a soul. 

Not only was he losing his sanity because of Maria leaving, but because whenever he was alone, all he could hear was Jeane’s screaming. As if he was being haunted. Then, he figured it out. He could hear her, and she was most likely deceased.

Now, he has to figure out what has happened to her.

Also, she’s trying to deliver a message to him before it’s too late. To show him what will happen in the future. Wanda Greyback will be the next victim of Jeane’s killer.

"I could easily see what was happening to him. He went out late, didn’t return ‘til morning. He was destroying himself. He’d come home completely wasted. One night, I had a bad feeling. I went out an hour after he left, I knew where he was going. He always went to the same place. Jace came with me, just in case I needed him. We found Scanlan after having gotten beaten up by men who he ticked off. Jace carried him home, halfway passed out. On the way home, he woke up by choking on his own blood. He cracked a tooth. The choking got worse, causing him to pass out once more. His breathing stopped. I gave him CPR, mouth-to-mouth for ten minutes at least. He woke up. The first thing he said was: ‘I am alive? That’s too bad.’ He doesn’t know it’s breaking my heart. It would break Maria’s too. If only she knew.

I want to save him. I want to save him so badly. Rowan and Lila have witnessed his little moments. We all want to save him. We all love him so much, he just doesn’t see it. Nor does he see how strong he is. He’s so strong. He’s made it through all this. He raised his sister, who’s a werewolf. He helped her through her transformations. He’s helped us through our transformations. He may even be stronger then all of us.

Now we sleep in the same bed. Can’t risk anything. He cries in his sleep, sometimes it’ll wake me up. Maybe that’s why his eyelids are always tear-stained. I try to comfort him. I cuddle into him, hold his hand, whatever. Even in his sleep, he can’t escape whatever’s going on inside his head. I feel horrible for him. Please, don’t let go. Hold on. I’ll fix you. Somehow, I’ll fix you.”

When the Fitzgerald family finds themselves in an inescapable debt, Alice Longbottom II comes up with a plan to get the family the money they need. To travel to the 80’s, act like big shots, and get jobs with a huge corporation. Once they earn the money, they quit the jobs and disappear like nothing ever happened. If they don’t, the Fitzgeralds could end up on the streets.